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Posted by Linda Christensen at 11/7/2016

Declo Senior High School Bulletin for Jan. 9-13, 2017



Tuesday: Tornados.

Wednesday: Corn Dog.

Thursday: Chicken Nuggets.

Friday: Garlic Mozzarella pull-parts.


Mr. Weeks ASAP. Auditions will be held before school, after school, and at lunch.

Attendance Waivers: Please pick up attendance waivers for credit in the office on Wednesday. They will be due back to the office by Friday. If you have any questions, see Mrs. Christensen in the office.

BPA: BPS pre-submits are due today, Wednesday. Please make sure you see Ms. Murdock if you have not shared them on google drive. This is the last day to turn them in.

Mr. DHS: Any senior boys interested in running for Mr. DHS please meet in Ms. Murdock's room on Thursday January 12th the last 10 minutes of lunch. PLEASE BE THERE, Mr. DHS is on Monday January 30th.

IDLA: All IDLA course work and finals must be completed by January 20th, unless you have discussed arrangements with Ms. Kirkpatrick. Please set up a time to take your final. Any students who are planning on taking IDLA courses during 2nd semester need to register for those classes ASAP.

Plato: ALL PLATO course work is due by this Friday, January 13th. If not complete it will post as an "Incomplete" and you will have to pay $50 to re-register to complete the course during 2nd semester. This includes course work and OFFLINE work. If you will not be done, please see Ms. Kirkpatrick ASAP.

STW: School to Work proof of hours work are due by January 20th to Ms. Kirkpatrick. Dated from October 31 - January 20th.

Scholarship: Seniors who have participated in the Arts and are interested in the Oakley Valley Arts Council's scholarship, please see Mr. Robberson.


Friday: MANDATORY BPA officers meeting Friday January 13th the last 15 minutes of lunch. PLEASE BE THERE WE HAVE A LOT TO DISCUSS.

Week's Activities:

Finals: Finals will be next week due to the snow day closures.

Tuesday: BBB at home with Wendell at 4:30pm.

Wednesday: BBB at home with Filer at 4:30pm.

Wednesday: WR at Filer at 6pm. Bus leaves at 3:30pm.

Friday and Saturday: WR at Wendell at 3pm & 8am. Bus leaves at 11:15 & 6:30.

Saturday: GBB at home with Raft River at 6pm.