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Posted by David Cole at 11/15/2016

Mr. Bott posted a new newsletter on Nov 15, see the link at the top of the page. It speaks the new lunch club/study hall which is beginning at DHS on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.


Here is the schedule that will be followed on those two days:

8:20 - 9:50, period 1
9:55-11:20, period 2
11:20-11:45, lunch
11:45-12:15, lunch club study hall
12:20-1:45, period 3
1:50-3:15, period 4



  • Students with ALL grades of C or better (70% and above) will have a 55 minute lunch period
  • Students with one or more grades below a C (69% or below) must report to lunch club at 11:45
  • Any student who is late to period 3 will attend lunch club the next day
  • Habitual lateness to period 3 will result in loss of extended lunch for that student